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$300,000 - $500,000 Yearly.

Newly information has revealed that Netflix and Walmart offer AI engineers $900,000/year

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ChatGPT, MidJourney, Canva, Google, Bing AI, Bard AI, Llama AI, Claude AI

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"I have learned a lot from Jonas and the other communitymembers. The Videos and ebooks has resulted in me working full time in the space.

I am really satisfied."

Kate G.

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  • FULL ChatGPT & AI MasterClass Course

  • E-book, ChatGPT SEO E-Book, Value $49
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  • MidJourney Guide, PDF
  • Excel / Google Sheet Tricks and Formulas, PDF
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  • Notion AI Collection
  • Video Guides on how to use:

ChatGPT, MidJourney, Canva, Google, Bing AI, Bard AI, Llama AI, Claude AI and much more.

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  • Crypto MasterClass, Value $149, (E-Book)
  • Trading Strategies, Value $149, (E-Book)
  • The Metaverse Unlocked, Value $149, (E-Book)

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Definitely recommend!

AI is the trend and reached out to see how we could benefit from this in our company, we found some good tools that we are now using daily.

3 of our employees took the MasterClass.

Daniel Schwartz

5 stars is what I can say. Good content and easy to learn with the interactive module.


Social Media Manager


We were introduced to new ai sites, so our Marketing and UI is in top-shape, after this implementation.


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You will be invited to get FREE AI resources, We have Free AI Guides For MidJourney, Notion, Excel, Canva and much more! 1 E-Mail a week that covers all the latest trends and where we review new AI tools and services!

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